Elegant Treatment Planning

Treatment plans are immediately visible in Flex without the need for a slow import process. Set simple rules like minimum dollar value, insurance status, or even specific code exclusions, and your preconfigured payment options are presented to the patient in one simple package. With the click of a button, their payment choice will automatically update the treatment plan in Open Dental. Once finished, the signed treatment plan is automatically stored with the patient images.


Smart Web Forms

The intake process is the first impression a patient has of you, and a slow one cuts in to valuable chair time and damages the overall patient experience. Our forms are fast. They are designed to update dynamically in response to patient inputs; patient age, gender, insurance status, current health status, marital status, and current medications are taken into account to streamline the questions presented. (For example, it should be obvious that we don’t need to ask a seventy-five year old man if he is pregnant)

New patient forms are emailed automatically, but can just as easily be completed in-office on any device with a web browser. 


Patient fields are automatically populated in Open Dental, and a PDF version of the form saved with the patient record. There’s no checking online or refreshing that needs to be done.


A configurable records release is presented to patients as part of their new patient forms. When a request is made, it is visible in both Open Dental and Flex.


Because our forms are dynamic, there’s no need to complicate things with separate ‘child’ and ‘adult’ forms. The form will adapt as necessary based on the patient’s date of birth.


While new patient forms are automatically imported into Open Dental, you can also review intake forms chairside on any mobile device.

Easy Reminders & Recall

Our reminders are extremely configurable and allow you to choose specifically what and when you want to send them. Appointment confirmations, same day reminders, recall, as well as unscheduled treatment reminders are all sent automatically, based on your settings, and are sent both by text message as well as email. You also can easily respond to patient texts from within Flex.

Instant Patient Photos

Easily capture patient photos on any mobile device that has a camera. The captured image immediately transfers to Open Dental and is associated with the patient.

Intuitive Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages from an intuitive, easy to use interface. Recognized numbers are automatically associated with the patient and their name displayed. Tired of typing? Setup a template so sending a text is a simple point and click process. Use your own office number or a local number we can provide, and yes, incoming and outgoing texts are fully logged in the communication log.

Google Calendar Integration

Tightly integrate Open Dental with Google Calendar. Create, edit, move, and delete appointments or blockouts and they will update seamlessly into Google Calendar. Appointments are color coded by their confirmation status. Our integration is also bidirectional, or in other words, move an appointment in Google Calendar, and Open Dental will update the appointment to match it.

Integrated Discount Plans

In-office discount plans / membership plans seamlessly integrate between Flex and Open Dental. When a patient enrolls and signs one of the configurable forms, a signed copy is automatically saved in the patient’s images and the discount plan is set for the patient, along with the expiration date. 

Integrated Payments

Have a patient pay directly from a treatment plan, from a tablet, or from a patient-specific statement that you can text or email. Everything integrates directly back into Open Dental, even the individual procedure allocations.


Easily generate customizable review request text messages and emails that direct your patient to your specific Google, Facebook, and Yelp review sites. Review requests can be fully automated to ensure each patient that comes into your practice is given an opportunity to rave about you.

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