Privacy Policy Governing Flex Integration With Google Calendar

Privacy Policy for Google Calendar Integration with Flex

It is Flex Dental’s policy to protect the data our services transmit on your behalf. This Privacy Policy applies to the Google Calendar integration functionality built into the Flex application locally installed in your office. The appointment data in your office is transmitted in an encrypted state from your local device directly to Google Calendar, and at no point do we intercept or store that data outside of the local device on which our application is installed. We are unable to view any details of that data and can only access aggregate metrics on usage through the resources provided by Google.

No personally identifying information as it relates to your data is accessible to Flex Dental Solutions in any manner

We strongly encourage that a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) be signed with Google for the storage of your data on Google Calendar, but failing to do so is done at your own risk and this requirement is unenforceable by us.

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