Treatment Plan

Flex Treatment Plans

form and function meet

Present treatment, consent forms, and obtain electronic signatures in a clean and simple format.

Our treatment plans dynamically adapt to your patients. No insurance? All references to insurance coverage are removed. New patient? We welcome them to your practice.

Summarized. Easy to present, easy to understand.

Treatment plans saved in Open Dental are instantly detected and accessible in Flex without the need to transfer or import anything.

For simplicity, the default view for treament plans will summarize financial figures and group procedure codes together by tooth. There’s no confusing math to complicate the process. Instead, all figures are presented in an easily understood format.

Detailed. Itemized with just a click.

Some people like details. A single click will itemize both treatment plans and consent forms in order to provide specific price information about each code.

Our detailed forms are still easy to read and understand and allow all of the same functionality as they would when summarized.

Payment options

Present configurable payment options based on simple rules you control. Rules like minimum treatment plan amount, insurance status, discount plan status, non-covered benefits, and even specific code exclusions.

Only want to offer payment plans for Orthodontics? You can do that. Interest free financing only when treatment exceeds $1000? You can do that too.

Selected discounts are automatically applied in Open Dental, and even payment plans are automatically generated.

Automatic import

No complicated process or forgotten forms. A copy of every signed treatment plan or consent form will automatically import into the patient’s images folder and saved for reference.

Add it on

As a configurable option, nitrous can be added by the patient on their consent form. The fee for nitrous is pulled from your specific fee schedule, so don’t worry about having to update this.

If a patient elects to add nitrous, the appointment in Open Dental and the price are automatically updated with the new addition. 

Don’t want to offer nitrous? You can disable this, and almost any option, in just a few seconds.

Email it

Send a treatment plan to your patient with a single click. Don’t worry about finding their email address, we populate that information automatically.

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